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Not every medical consultation needs to be in-person, and sometimes all you need is to speak to a doctor over the phone to get the professional medical advice you need.

With our team of Australian-registered doctors awaiting your call, it’s now quicker, easier and more convenient than ever to access Telehealth consulting services in Australia with InstantScripts, and it’s only $44.

So whether your regular doctor is booked out, you’re on holidays interstate, or you need to speak to a doctor quickly, our Telehealth services are available round-the-clock, anywhere in Australia, everyday of the week.

How HS4U Work

Accessing quality health care is simple with HS4U. Up to 10 minute doctor appointments with Australian registered doctors.

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Services We Provide

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Our doctors can also assist with the following:

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Your pharmacy can provide medications prescribed by our Doctors every day of the week, anywhere in Australia.

Are you a Corporate?

Employee wellness has never been a more important driver for productivity and retention. Find out more about our employee virtual care programs.


Instant consultations

Do not burden yourself by visiting the Clinic through traffic, rain etc. which brings you physical fatigue. No long waiting in the clinic with various other patients. Instead, just sit in your comfortable chair/bed at home and use only your mobile phone and have immediate consultation with the GP.

24X7 Support

Time of the day, day of the week, distance to the clinic, weather conditions all become meaningless words. We operate each day - every day – anytime - anywhere!

Reputed GPs

All our GPs are fully qualified, AHPRA registered, professional Doctors with years of experience behind them in their relevant field.

Good-bye to hard-copied prescriptions

Our GPs will send the prescription directly to your mobile phone or to the Pharmacy according to your discretion.